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“The sky is the limited”

Cláudia Costa




In partnership with SURFORMA by Sonae Indústria and Universidade de Madeira (UMa), a series of concepts was developed, based on the principle of modularity and customization, with the intention of developing a totally innovative material, within the existing ones in the category of laminates.

The project intention was to overcome limitations and achive new levels of freedom for its aplplication, based on the depth research on the company and the material in question.

As a result of the long period of experimentation, driven by total creative freedom, the project results from the appropriation of natural forms an textures in the recreation of other space in closed space.

“The sky is limited”




At the conclusion of this project it was possible to witness the importance of a targeted and objective orientation.

In addition to the possibility of working directly with business / industrial entities in the development of a product, it was possible to coordinate a project with elements of the group at a distance, an essential feature in the current markted.

Junior Oliveira

Product Designer

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