Junior Oliveira

Product Designer

“It is a entire new way to doing things.”

Janine Benyus

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Increasingly recurring to its pratice in areas governned by the demands and constrainst imposed by external constraints, such as the case of the aerospace industry, generative design has become a study theme that attratcts all kinds of opinions.

Based on the mathematical formula, this tecnology puts speed, efficiency, execution and quantity at the user´s disposal.

In this project we implement this tecnology to create a product capable of fulfilling the requirements previously established as: robustness, lightness, weight, ergonomic, placing on top of these characteristics.

“It is a entire new way to doing things.”




SAF´AIR emerges in response to the challenge launched by SMC/BMC, a company responsible for the development of one of the most complete materials currently on the market in the polymer segment.

The main theme of the the brief was the sustainable mobility and its intention to include and exploit the material characteristics of the material, such as : fire resistence, abrasion, resistance, dimensional, stability and the possibility of re-creation in extremely complex geometries.

SAF´AIR was developed with the purpose of helping the mobility of the injured, innovating for its ergonomic form and consequent loghtness, adapting to different scenarios and resisting high temperatues and loads.

Junior Oliveira

Product Designer

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