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“I don’t have perfect picth. My drums sound like a drummer, not a drum machine.”

Taylor Hawkins

Drummer of Foo Fighters.



Taylor Hawkins is the drummer of the most famous American music band Foo Fighters American.

Their opportunity to join the band comes in a heated discussion between vocalist Dave Grohl and forner drummers William Goldsmith.

Hawkins musical style is defined by his spontaneity and expressiveness in his performances providing a unique momentto his listeners.

Defender of purism and originality Hawkins´s creation process characterized by the absent experimentation of any musical tecnological device in the insatiable quest for perfect rhythm.

“I don´t have perfect picth. My drums sound like a drummer, not a drum machine.”




Drumspin, inspired by a battery, is an electronic device capable of
producing sound through the contact.

Developed to promote the user´s motor coordination and appel to their creativity, it is formally composed of a motor, power source, switch, spring and 2 plates, in which its hexagonal geometry makes the conjugation and coupling between several on the part of the user, creating a wide range of possible harmonies.

The lower part, when pressed, triggers the movement of the centra spring, which transmits vibration to the plates and produce sounds.

Junior Oliveira

Product Designer

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